DJ Support Group VII

This note was handed to DJ Rowshay at Suite in Charlotte NC:

To interpret:

Your music is outdated
Your skills are overrated
Ask if I had to be paid
To listen to this shit
I could not be compensated

Many of you may recognize the composition as a limerick, which is a five line poem that requires the first, second, and fifth lines not only maintain the same metrical structure but also rhyme. Though existent for some time, this style of poetry became popular with the publication of Edward Lear’s Book of Nonsense in 1845.

Typically, I use these DJ Support Group posts to expose the caliber of imbeciles a DJ is forced to consort with on a nightly basis. But in this case, I can find nothing wrong with the actual presentation of opinion; it’s quite clever, in a very base sort of way, and certainly a welcome departure from the kind of dreck usually exchanged between DJ and disgruntled patron in the night club setting.

On the other hand, I must DISAGREE with the young lady who composed the poem as I had the opportunity to enjoy a DJ Rowshay set on November 7 of this year, the night before my own performance at Forum.

On my nights off, the last thing I want to do is hear more music, but I was enjoying the hospitality of DJs Supa Skip, D-Rock, and Dirty Thirty, and we ended up at Suite. I enjoyed DJ Rowshay’s execution, manipulation, and selections, which involved the gamble of Four Season’s “Oh What A Night” during the prime time slot and a spin of the oh-so-slept-on Jacksons’ classic “Can You Feel It”.

In a phrase, I enjoyed myself.

Whatever prompted the young lady to compose not only a napkin note but a poem to boot is obviously a projection of some other deep-seated problem within her harbor.

Big up to Kevin Mitchell who facilitated my second trip to North Carolina. The first trip was back in 2001 to Greensboro to secure this:

***To possibly be included in a future DJ Support Group post, please save the napkin note so that a proper scan can be made. Thanks***

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