DJ support group VI

A week ago at Moon inside the Palms Casino, a note was handed to DJ Ikon, who had just finished his opening set. Stonerokk was now at the helm, it being 1 am, and the nightclub was in full swing.

The note simply asked “Who’s DJing?”

DJ Ikon produced a pen and printed the answer: “Stonerock”

Exhibit A:

As most DJs know, this inquiry can go either way; they love you or they hate you enough to learn your name.

Unfortunately for Stonerokk, it was the latter.

For this man who took the time to acquire a clean napkin, find a pen, compose a question, and present the note to DJ Ikon…

…also took the time to acquire another clean napkin, relocate the pen, express his opinion, and present another note to DJ Ikon.

The man in question gave his name as “Jake,” but was “fresh out of business cards,” and claimed to be a club promoter in Los Angeles. Further analysis of the second note suggests otherwise.

Exhibit B:

Stonerokk is the quintessential Hollywood DJ, both by inclusion of performances that would fall into the misunderstood category of “Hollywod-style mixing,” for better or for worse, and the fact that the bulk of his weekly residencies consist of Hollywood’s hottest spots (which shall here remain nameless so as to avoid any further employment issues).

In addition, Stonerokk was initially romanced out to Las Vegas based upon his reputation as a top-notch DJ and the prospect that he might inject some of that Hollywood panache into the Palm’s new Fantasy Tower.

Without further forcing onto “Jake” the high opinion I hold of Stonerokk and his DJ work, I point to an issue much more base, given the fact that these notes were from one “industry insider” to another:

“Jake” is an LA club promoter and he has never heard of Stonerokk?


Big up to Stonerokk. Take these napkins and wipe your buttocks with them.

***To possibly be included in a future DJ Support Group post, please save the napkin note so that a proper scan can be made. Thanks***

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2 Responses to DJ support group VI

  1. Knyewman says:

    An LA promoter that doesn't know who Stonerokk is???? That's like being a man and not knowing you have a penis. Trife son.

  2. DJ Double-S says:

    This guy probably misrepresented himself; I'm betting he might promote in Inland Empire. That would explain his not knowing Stonerokk or appreciating the skills!

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