DJ support group IV

I am quite familiar with “selling out” as I play a lot of songs that are disposable, though I try to keep sane each night by inserting one or two that I actually like; But for every one Phoenix, there are ten Rihannas. That’s the biz.

But it wasn’t always that way.

My DJ life got legs when I was in college in San Francisco. My partner in crime was J Boogie, of Dubtronic Science fame. We held a slew of amazing weeklies, with names like Black Belt’s Boogie Back and Jambalaya. The programming consisted of funk, rare groove, and that good hip hop released in the mid-1990s.

But even that couldn’t last.

As the 1990s came to a close, we came to a passing: J Boogie chose to make some amazing yet more obscure music rooted in the funk/hiphop/dub tradition that he enjoyed and I started playing “Party Up” by DMX.

So I sold out.

But there were some nice consolation prizes. C’est la vie.

The reason I bring this up: a recent napkin note that was delivered to DJ SPIDER at the Forum in North Carolina has sparked heated discussion of what “selling out” actually entails. The document in question:

I feel secure when I state that playing trance (or “just one progressive song” as the notebearer pleaded) will NOT save Spider nor myself nor any of my peers from “selling out.”

On the other hand, my favorite song from J Boogie’s first record might:

LA SENGRE – J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science

Bonus Material: This is an article I wrote for Scion Magazine back in 2005 featuring the best band ever, PHOENIX. I hung out with them and enjoyed their show at the Great American Music Hall in the Yay. Click to read.

Big up to Peter Becker (Cafe Du Nord) and Jonathon Schnapp (Casanova Lounge) and Eiming Jung (111 Minna).

***To possibly be included in a future DJ Support Group post, please save the napkin note so that a proper scan can be made. Thanks***

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  1. Beatnick says:

    I would probably put trance in the same category as rollerbladers, biting graffiti styles, biting dj styles etc etc. With that said I have sold out & have dropped "The Launch" or Alice Deejay but you won't catch me on a pair of "blades"

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