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Every day in NYC, over 4 million people ride the subway. Cell reception can be sparse, the days of thugs with boom boxes are long gone, and the advertising above the windows rarely advertises what I need in my life. So for stimulation, many passengers grab a copy of AMNY to pass the time.

And The Capts recently graced its pages, monumental not only as a fine piece of press, but in the fact that we share some space with Hall & Oates, musicians at the top of our Top List. The online version is a bit more in depth, but feel free to enjoy our Yacht Rock sidebar as it appeared in the publication:

click to enlarge:

I have seen Daryl Hall and John Oates perform three times…

The first was around the turn of the century. My buddy was a drum tech for Michael McDonald and he asked if I wanted to catch the show. No brainer, but I had no idea that he was the opening act and was soon blessed with cherished tunes totally by accident.

The second time was a birthday gift from a special young lady who treated me to the now-fabled Live at the Troubadour show, which was exclusive to a mere 500 fans. And on that night, they performed rare gems like One on One and Cab Driver (probably my favorite, even if it was from Daryl Hall’s early 90s solo record).

The most recent time was just after the article appeared. It was a 4th of July celebration at the Hollywood Bowl with the Philharmonic. See?

I must admit I was a little bummed on this last show because they didn’t do too many songs, but seeing them at The Bowl was certainly something to be treasured. Daryl Hall was wearing a Live From Daryl’s House shirt and if you don’t know what that is, better ask somebody.

And a shout to Robert Spuhler for reaching out.

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