That Stick For Your Lips

Promo items associated with nightlife have seen a recent spike, many times accentuating the desired experience, other times simply appeasing the masses. And while there are many clever concepts, with just as many simple pleasures implemented, The Capts focus on branding items that:
1) we would utilize ourselves
2) serve some purpose outside of the nightclub arena

A select few will most likely be familiar with The CaptStick, the preferred lip balm for the enlightened, and a manifestation of The Capts’ re-imagining of the Industrial Revolution.

Some received this product via post, others were personally bequeathed a unit by way of interaction with us; Not positive of the avenue in which the Las Vegas Weekly obtained one, but we are ecstatic that they did and overjoyed to read about it betwixt the pages of their publication.

click to enlarge:

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