Sorry, Not Tonight

In the late 1990s, I assumed a nightlife multi-hyphen; in addition to my DJ residency at 111 Minna in San Francisco CA on Thursdays, I became their doorman on Fridays and Saturdays.

At the time, Camel Cigarettes featured a night club personality in their advertisement which would run in the San Francisco Weekly. I was chosen in September 1998. Click to enlarge:

It included your name, a quote, and where you worked — so disgruntled patrons could denounce you correctly — plus your top 5 things at the moment. A study of my “hot list” might make one confused; Allow me to shed some light:

1. Chicago Bankrolls — The money made in nightlife many times consists of small bills. We would place a Benjamin Franklin around our knots so it looked like we were paid in full.

2. Discotheque Piano Bars — When I had been to Italy in 1994, I noticed that many nightclubs used this phrase to describe the business. I’m not sure how that promoted the Euro House playing inside, but I thought it sounded fresh.

3. Hawaiian Americana — As the Return of the Polynesiacs had just occurred, coupled with the arrival of Otto Von Stroheim and Tiki News to the Bay Area, I felt a mention of this blanket term was warranted.

4. Memphis Mafia — I was at this time quite infatuated with Elvis, though only those elements which meshed with my lifestyle. There was certainly a vintage country flair to some of my apparel, my hair was worn back with Murrays, and I assumed the habit of wearing gradient sunglasses at all times, as this was the uniform of Elvis’ bodyguards.

5. Rhangon Ruby — This was my drink of choice at Trader Vics in Emeryville CA. I also spent a lot of time at the Tonga Room inside the Fairmont Hotel, and certainly sucked a few at Trad’R Sams and Lilo Lounge. But a trip to Trader Vics made me feel like tradewinds were blowing just beyond the door.

Big up to J-Boogie, Scorpio, Keby, Neils, and Joaquina. That was my crew in those days.

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