Nine Oh Two One Uh Oh

If you did not already know, I am and always have been against the idea of dusting off the counter at the Peach Pit to make way for charlatans to fill a “void”. Beverly Hills 90210 left its legacy fully intact back in 2000. But now 8 years later, after providing me with endless amounts of entertainment week in and week out, its legacy is at risk with the new installment of 90210 WITH the abetment of some original cast members. Shame on you!

Because I have no control over the decisions of the 900 pound gorilla, I have to accept this as my reality.

My only hope for vindication lied in the hands of OK Magazine, offering Graham and I a great opportunity to be a part of a photo shoot promoting the new cast of (sigh) 90210. Per usual, Graham and I offered more than the photographer could handle, starting with my t-shirt, which redirected everyone’s focus from the celebutants to the REALness.

My T-shirt

When it came time to shoot pictures, I decided to provide the readers of OK Magazine with some much needed insight on the current casts’ obvious absence of acumen, taking advantage of the groups naivete by way of subterfuge.

What could they possibly be listening to?!?
(click to enlarge)

Our (my) mischievousness was not well received. As Graham and I are not accustomed to being the background to the foreground, I could not fathom why the photographer was yelling at us (me). To appease him and the old white men who sign the checks, I surrendered my earned sense of entitlement in order to “get the shot”.

This is what they got.

I like my idea better.

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2 Responses to Nine Oh Two One Uh Oh

  1. Anonymous says:

    i have to say, that is a very funny picture. the second blows my cock hole.

  2. Pheats says:

    Are your decks sittin on cash registers?

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