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On July 29th 2008, Season Five of Beverly Hills 90210 hits shelves on DVD. In an episode titled “Rock of Ages,” the gang makes their way to the ROLLING STONES show at the Rose Bowl, where we are treated to actual concert footage of the massive hit song “Start Me Up,” among others.

The reason I bring this up:

In the DVD releases of Seasons One, Two, Three, and Four, all the licensed music has been removed, and replaced with unacceptable “library music,” chosen by Spelling’s original music supes, who were unearthed for the job. Example: in Season Two’s “Down and Out of District in Beverly Hills,” three R.E.M. songs were originally featured, including the monster hit “Losing My Religion,” yet the tunes are absent from the DVD episodes.

Am I to assume that the ROLLING STONES footage will be omitted?

Fox Television and CBS Home Video claim that they have been fraught with costly negotiations involving songs originally licensed for the show, and chose replacements to prevent further delay of the DVD releases.

To this, I say: Balderdash! Poppycock! Bullhunkey! Horsefeathers!

There are fingers of blame to point in two directions here:

1. Fox Television. Beverly Hills 90210 aired for ten seasons, still attracting 10 million viewers per week when the show was cancelled. This show built your network, along with Cops and The Simpsons and Married With Children. For this success, there is money sitting in a vault somewhere in Burbank. Please make a withdrawal and pay the musicians.

2. The Musicians. You chose to lend your music to a television show geared specifically at the prime CD-purchasing demographic during this time period. For instance, I believe there to be a direct correlation between the success of “Love Fool” by Swedish sweethearts THE CARDIGANS and the fact that this song was featured both in Baz Lurman’s Romeo + Juliet and the episode “Graduation Day” from Season Seven, all three of which found their peak popularity in Spring of 1997. So, for those bands featured, I’m sure your record sales reflected this exposure. Make a deal.

In reflection, I guess my greatest fear will be that LYLE LOVETT’s classic “Nobody Knows Me” might be excluded from Season Six’s “One Wedding and a Funeral,” which still brings a rare tear to my eye.

While I wait to be disappointed, here is a FUNKEdit that might rock a crowd at the Peach Pit After Dark:

Love You Always (FUNKEdit) – Donna Lewis

Big up to Paul at Playboy Club: “A grown man can admit he loves 90210.”

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