I Love CU Always Forever

This insular conversation happened at 10:53pm. This message before this one was at 6:26pm and was totally unrelated. It was initiated by Graham and ended by him as you see here

Graham Funke – “Sometimes I wish I had never gone to college in SF and instead applied to California University.”
StoneRokk – “I didn’t finish college when I found out I couldnt be a supporter of Cornelius the Condor.”
Graham Funke – “Perhaps you should’ve joined Sanders in ‘Rocks for Jocks’ geology course.”

I was not featured on this soundtrack as I was HERE.

Here is a recent addition to the iTunes library that was also omitted from the “College Years” soundtrack (probably because Donna Lewis appeared on the show long after the gang graduated). Its been getting much “burn” lately. Since its only a matter of time before you guys do as you always do and play what I’m playing, I bless you with this KEG classic.

Donna Lewis “I Love You Always Forever” – 1996

And here is the “FUNKEdit” (peep the unecessary gun shots)

Dont get it fucked up.

BIGGUPs dj Rick Rude for holding down the backup vocals to Graham and my performance of Donna Lewis in our Boston hotel room…

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