Beverly Hills Incensus


• Population of Beverly Hills in 2000: 33,784
• Median annual growth: 1%
• Estimated population in 1995: 32,000
• Population of men under the age of 20: 11%
• Estimated population of men under the age of 20 in 1995: 3520
• Population of women under the age of 20: 11%
• Estimated population of women under the age of 20 in 1995: 3520

With the given data and an obviously present dating pool, why were the Peach Pit players’ mate menu almost always limited to the main cast?

Kudos to Brando being one of the few to regularly dip outside of the cipher.

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  1. Graham Funke says:

    Let’s not forget that Steve Sanders not only dated his secretary Janet Sosna,but also impregnated her. In addition, he scored Celeste Lundy from “Love at First Sight,” only to lose her after cheating, which sent her into the arms of KEG house rival John Sears. Lastly, many an hour was spent playing “daddy” while he dated single mom Carly Reynolds, which was a pivotal role in the acting career of one Hilary Swank.

  2. Graham Funke says:

    Even Clare Arnold brings up the incestuousness of the 90210 Clan. Hours could be spent on an anthropological mission. Instead, just go here:

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