A Letter From Samir Patel…

This is a letter written from my friend Samir Patel that was passed to me.

    To the creators of the new 9021-fuck-0…

    Please don’t proceed with this monstrosity. This “new” creation is nothing but a bastardization of something so genuinely pure and everlasting that influenced a generation. You claim this version will be “cooler” and “sexier” than the original. I call bullshit on that sir, and an extreme amount of bullshit nonetheless. The first show was cool not because of the hype, but because of the writing and the characters. No one needed to tell us the brooding resiliency Dylan McKay was all about…we liked the fact eterno-virgo Donna Martin got a boob job and became a slut, and we loved Brandon because even though he was hip to be square, he had frailties such as a gambling addiction and a penchant for saucy, pedantic women like Emily Valentine and Lucinda Nicholson. Plus, this was one of the first shows to touch on issues that were previously hidden under the rug – teen suicide, date rape, prevalent drug use, and of course, all the artful drawn out ways for two characters to proceed in love making…

    The last season of 90210 averaged 10 million viewers an episode…you honestly think the WB’s half-assed stepchild will even remotely come close to treading in those waters?

    For Christ’s sake, the first show interbred a Jew and a Mexican to produce a bastard baby…THAT was taboo…risky…and worthy of discussion….not by creating a putrid, robotic entity desperately searching for a name by hoping to ride the coattails of unabridged, unabashed, historical originality.



That’s what I said.

Here is a picture of Samir. America’s favorite Indian

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