Some months back, I introduced a discussion regarding the music licenses for the Beverly Hills 90210 DVD releases; the producers were replacing the existing music with inappropriate library music to avoid paying royalties to the featured artists, which included R.E.M. and Lyle Lovett.

My central question focused on whether the DVDs for Season 5 would include footage of the Rolling Stones, which probably costs a pretty penny. Well, I was happy to see the Rose Bowl scenes stayed in tact, as did “Every Day of the Week” by R&B faves Jade, when they performed at PPAD.

The downside of maintaining (sort of) the integrity of these episodes is that the producers have apparently stopped paying for the horrendous library music and now inserted clarinet-laden adult contemporary muzak to add tone. As I endured Season 5, I had to remind myself on a number of occasions that I was watching Beverly Hills 90210 and not Northern Exposure.

As far as I’m concerned, Season 5 was the first season to capture the essence of the times, which required me to clear my Wednesday nights for intense viewing, regardless of my heavy college workload.

These alterations are nothing less than a criminal act. Please fix da cook.

Big up John E Davis. Get involved.

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