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Winter Wonderland: X-Games

Never at a loss for words, The Capts discuss ‘white people’, theatrics vs. stage presence, appeasing men, and their weight at the Winter X-Games for Red Bull. We would like to thank Erica Yary for putting up with us. Enjoy.

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Never one to shy away from practicing my right to free speech, here are some words from your favored sage. My answer to the first question “What can we expect from your set?” was actually: “Whatever Dave Grutman wants, coupled … Continue reading

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White Squall

“In fact, most of the pool party advertising in Las Vegas looks the same, and while Marquee Dayclub is newer and better and has more potential than anything else out there, it could easily fall into that generic advertising realm. … Continue reading

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The Captains Of Croon

Anyone who has had pleasure of hearing Les Capitaines disque-jocque can confirm two things; we play records correctly and, with enough spirits consumed, we are not averse to singing a tune or ten. Given our proven track record, it was … Continue reading

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Because rumors continue to persist, I will address this matter here, and it will be the last time I address it: I am NOT @shitdj, nor is Graham Funke. In order to stress this fact, I will repeat it: I … Continue reading

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Move Funky Moped

“When I’m on me moped rockin’ and a-sockin’, everywhere I go the chicks are movin’ and a-groovin’, wigglin’ and a-gigglin’, dancin’ and a-prancin’, beamin’ and a-screamin’” – Jasper Carrott My favored method of transportation has always been my Vespa simply … Continue reading

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Banque Vault

People often ask where The Capts get their discretionary funds that provide us with such lavish luxuries like: gold sunglasses, gold nugget rings, gold chains, et al. The answer lies within a polished peccary of golden color that was forged … Continue reading

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Descpicable Gentlemen

On Saturday, I shall descend upon the nations capital, to play at The Park, with a perilous cast of characters: • Cheapshot • Crooked • Danny Daze • Fashen With the help of my fellow partisans, anarchy is eminent.

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I Used To Love H.E.R.:
Hearing Every Record

To burke at an opportunity to patronize is not part of my coding, so when DJs Adam12, Mr Best and I discussed possible conduits to bring back some fun to Los Angeles nightlife, of course we made it all-vinyl. On … Continue reading

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Another Brick In The Wall

Tomorrow, I am at Wall in the W Hotel – South Beach. Flyer inspired by the newly designed The Captains Of Industry website, or simply a nod to my maritime marvels.

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