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Hot Boyz

I unearthed this advertisement (circa 2002) from a website in which English was not employed. What I remember most about the photo session was the lactic acid surging through my lower limbs as I maintained that position for an extended … Continue reading

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Talent Scout: DJ Bentley

***The Talent Scout series features disc jockeys whose acquaintance we make in our travels whom we connected with on some level or shared an adventure. Usage of the term “talent scout” is by no means a suggestion that we have … Continue reading

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wardrobe malFUNKtion

At the onset of the following composition, the purpose was simply to plug the polemical Kirill Was Here site, since Kirill seems to have shadowed my every move for the last two weeks, materializing in whatever city I happened to … Continue reading

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DJ Support Group XII

T’was another night on the Moon, at the height of the Black Eyed Peas‘ popularity, though prior to exposure at any major football events. StoneRokk was at the helm… This request arrived, promising the remainder of untold riches if the … Continue reading

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That Good Michael Douglas Hair

Tax Time just passed us, giving good reason to revisit some of the tasks The Capts undertook in the Year of Our Lord 2010, some of the more eyebrow-raising being our interaction with one Paul DelVecchio né DJ Pauly D, … Continue reading

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The Leaning Tower

In an earlier discussion, I mentioned that my brother Evan had spent some time in a remote Italian village (Bologna) learning how to create handmade pasta (fatto a mano), which is my go-to meal upon visiting Rustic Canyon, where he … Continue reading

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