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Look-A-Like: Justin Bartha v. DJ Konflikt

I can never get Konflikt to engage in this debate; perhaps he didn’t like the National Treasure sequel. But that’s why we have the Look-A-Like series: so the masses can decide for themselves.

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The Capts Do Dallas

I’m not sure where to begin in broaching this topic; perhaps I have not yet fully accepted the mayhem that awaits the first weekend in February, byproducts and direct consequences of SuperBowl festivities. And many know that I love Milwaukee, … Continue reading

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If hadn’t been at Sundance, there would be no photographic proof that I had attended at all. But he caught me slipping, beaten from the road, just an hour before I jetted again to the aeroporte. Three SKAM Artists … Continue reading

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Magic City

Heading to Miami again this weekend; proof is below. This first flier has an upside and a downside. On the positive, I get to play records with Konflikt, who has emerged as one of my favorite DJs. Ironically, his Twitter … Continue reading

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Tweety Bird Loc

Not to sound like Carlito Brigante, but The Capts need not attend a social networking fantasy camp to put some points up on the board; here are the top trending topics in Las Vegas for tonight (Tuesday Jan 25):

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Fire Island

DJ Cheapshot has become quite the debutante in recent past, hosting his Fire Poo Series, in-and-around Los Angeles. To spite me, he scheduled every one of them on nights when I am booked out-of-town. So I’ve never been. And not … Continue reading

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In the continuance of a concerted effort to make our way ’round to play records at those spots that have intrigued but thus far eluded us, we now set sail for the new Cosmopolitan for the new night inside the … Continue reading

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Early hours, Jan 25th. Momentarily, the Academy will announce nominees. Here’s a photo with my siblings just prior to attending the Oscars, probably 2003. Notice the Ultra Zeus frames I sport, which may or may not have initiated a “security … Continue reading

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The Grotto

Add your own caption…

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Capitol Punishment

I’ve been to Sacramento twice en mi vida. The first visit occurred when I was a youngster and my parents took me to the State Capitol to see the office of Truman Reeves, famed treasurer of early California, as well … Continue reading

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