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Oh Kay

If you pick up one of these this week– –stop when you find this page– –then immediately glance at its opposing page– –so you can find what you are really looking for– –and live.

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Eye Know

Due to my romance with the road, I am alone much of the time. On occasion, I witness a brief glint of beauty, and as there is no one to share it with, I capture the moment on my phone, … Continue reading

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My pager was very important to me in high school, though in retrospect, I can’t fathom what was so pressing that I would need one. Since then, the gifted minds of the universe have pushed the limits of communication, enabling … Continue reading

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Adam Michael Goldstein – DJ AM

I do not know the words to express the loss that I feel now and will forever. I leave you with some pictures. •• holding down a house somewhere •• •• dj’ing in Germany together •• •• Adam 12, AMG, … Continue reading

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