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DJ support group VI

A week ago at Moon inside the Palms Casino, a note was handed to DJ Ikon, who had just finished his opening set. Stonerokk was now at the helm, it being 1 am, and the nightclub was in full swing. … Continue reading

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Private Eyes

Hands down, the go-to man for sunglasses is Benjamin Montoya. And those familiar with me know that I am a connoisseur of fine vintage designer eyewear. So it makes sense that Mr Montoya and I are friends. I even penned … Continue reading

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Some months back, I introduced a discussion regarding the music licenses for the Beverly Hills 90210 DVD releases; the producers were replacing the existing music with inappropriate library music to avoid paying royalties to the featured artists, which included R.E.M. … Continue reading

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I Caught The VAPORS

Shouts to my man PJC for immortalizing my shoe collection in the current issue of Vapors Magazine. Enjoy. (click to enlarge) Thanks Mr. Canali! Post Script – I am currently selling the shoe collection… Size 10.

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black history month

Buzzworthy vocalist Marquis De Sade né Kashief is a Virgo, which means his birthday just passed. This is what I presented to him as celebration of the occasion: 1. An original 2 Live Crew “Me So Horny” promo shirt 2. … Continue reading

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