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Not only are the people that work at the airport progressive simpletons that are personally accountable for my misery, but now they are striking through the holiday weekend. Click HERE. The airport peons are complaining that their earned wages are … Continue reading

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Terns Nest There

In 2001, I joined the CaliKings record pool, located in Downtown Los Angeles. Here is a photo gem, staged just hours after the Karl Kani team had utilized their warehouse for fall fashion publicity shots: Shout out to DJ AM … Continue reading

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Nine Oh Two One Uh Oh

If you did not already know, I am and always have been against the idea of dusting off the counter at the Peach Pit to make way for charlatans to fill a “void”. Beverly Hills 90210 left its legacy fully … Continue reading

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Devil With A … Suit On

Because of my hectic work schedule, it’s rare that I get an invitation to anything, let alone an event where I need to throw on the old monkey suit. When I do, it is paramount that my outfit outlives any … Continue reading

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A Passage In Passing by Graham Funke

After many varied attempts in ending the rule of my alarm clock this morning, I found this in my email inbox. Enjoy. William Holden by Graham Funke The TSA screener was not watching his output. He ran the conveyor belt … Continue reading

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Look-A-Like: Kittipong v. TMNT

•• dj Five and I •• •• Raphael And I •• Marvski, who has an awesome tattoo, did the artwork. Keep an eye out for the KNYEW Limited Edition dj Five T-Shirts. You know you want one.

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DJ support group V

It’s always pleasant when there is some acknowledgment of your effort. But, as movie producer Robert Evans relatedly lamented in his 1994 tome “The Kid Stays in Picture,” nobody really understands what a DJ does. That said, the only genuine … Continue reading

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Yes … I Did … Again

Just when I thought I’d heard enough praise for my narrative of past episodes at Coco De Ville and hearing the last of Chris Santos, I get this text: Chris Santos Hahahahha I love the confesions of a short fat … Continue reading

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The Bucket Stops Here

Here are some facts: • There are 73 international airports in the United States. • There is an average of 30 metal detectors in each airport – but as we all know usually there is more empty security lanes then … Continue reading

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Best of Sade

The Captains of Industry have signed their first artist, the multi-hyphened and eccentric MARQUIS DE SADE né Kashief. His stylings are diverse, with influences ranging from Ca$h Flow to Budgie to Project Pat to Terence Trent D’Arby. He recently took … Continue reading

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